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View MonkeyRecolor Integration

MonkeyRecolor comes as two units, Solent.Recolor which contains the form and Solent.DoColors which does the processing.

1) After installing the download, find the folder containing the forms and add the folder name to Delphi's search path. You can find the files installed under Common Files/MonkeyRecolor, or find the MonkeyRecolor Source item under the start menu.

2) Open your forms project file (Project/View Source within Delphi);.

3) Add the following to the uses list:
Solent.Colors in 'Solent.Colors.pas' {ColorsForm}

4) And between Application.Initialize and Application.Run:

5) Add Solent.Recolor to the uses list of the form you want to recolor.

6) Create a button or menu item for MonkeyRecolor, open it's OnClick event and add the following:
ColorsForm.Form := Self;
ColorsForm.StyleBook := StyleBook1;

7) Compile, run and enjoy...

The properties you are setting in step 6 are:
Form is the form whose colors will be updated by ColorsForm. (You will need to update you application to load the final style files - Using styles.
StyleBook is a TStyleBook which can, optionally, also be recolored. (See FireMonkey Styles and MonkeyRecolor) for more.