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View MonkeyRecolor Controls

MonkeyRecolor provides a fairly straightforward selection of color picker controls.

A number of controls have a check box to their left. If this is checked then the controls value is linked to the settings of the Background control, and probable also the Secondary separation and Swap controls. The automated settings for the controls are chosen so that the resulting scheme follows color theory for choosing complimentary colors. Uncheck the controls and go your own way if you are confident in picking co-ordinating colors.

Note how, below each set of color selection controls is a preview slab of the chosen color.

Background is the background color for containers such as the form itself, panels, edit and list boxes, memos and tab controls.

Lowlights is by default a similar color to Background but is used for the back backgrounds of other controls such as the bits of scroll boxes which aren't highlights, the non-dropped down parts of combo boxes, tab control tabs which aren't the current tab etc. Basically controls and sections of controls which you do not want to be highlighted in some way.

Adjust the Secondary separation slider to adjust the hues for the highlighted colors which are linked to the background color. The highlight colors are chosen to be either side of the opposite color on the color wheel to the background color. This slider selects how far apart from the opposing color the highlights colors are.

Swap swaps the Highlights and AltHighlights colors, if they are using automatic values.

The Highlights color is used for buttons, sliders, mouse-overs, pushed controls etc.

Whereas Highlights indicates controls which are active and clickable, AltHighlights is intended for controls which display information. In the default color scheme this means the progress bar indicator.

Selection is the background color for selected text in edit boxes, memos, list boxes, tree views, grids etc.

GlowEffect is the color used for the glow effect of controls which have one. (Whether controls have one or not depends on the style you are editing).

These are the default usages of the settings, but each can be fine tuned, or radically altered by editing the Colors config file.

One more control to mention is the menu item File/Reanalyse. Use this if you ever reload or modify a style from within your application. It will get MonkeyRecolor to reload it's data and to re-analyse the color scheme of the style.
See also Tips for Selecting MonkeyRecolor Colors.