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View MonkeyRecolor

See Recolor Folders for details of what is installed where.

See Recolor History for the revision history.

MonkeyRecolor is an easy way to radically change the color scheme of any FireMonkey style. It gives you a number of controls for selecting colors for various part of a style and a single button to apply the changes. See MonkeyRecolor Controls. If you are new to HSL color schemes and selecting colors see Tips for Selecting MonkeyRecolor Colors.

FireMonkey applications can contain both default styles and custom styles. See FireMonkey Styles and MonkeyRecolor for more on what these are and how MonkeyRecolor can modify them.

The color changes respect subtle (and not so subtle) variations in colors and hues in the original style. Eg. a control which varies from light to dark red in the original style will vary from (say) light to dark blue in the revised style. A control which is brighter or darker than others will still be brighter or darker.

MonkeyRecolor is a Delphi form which you can attach to your application. Set up a button or menu item to call it and the Recolor button will give a near instant view of your new style. See MonkeyRecolor Integration.

The download also includes a demonstration executable which you can use straight away to load, modify and save styles. You can find the demo on the start menu under MonkeyRecolor Demo. Once the application is running, use the menu item File/MonkeyRecolor to open the MonkeyRecolor window.

A set of MonkeyRecolor color settings is called a scheme, and schemes can also be saved and reloaded - the the File and Scheme menus in MonkeyRecolor.

A file called the Colors config file defines how the scheme is applied to a style. This file can be edited to customise your styles even further.

See Using styles to see how to add customised styles to your applications.