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View FireMonkey Styles and MonkeyRecolor

FireMonkey has two ways of applying styles: a default style is applied across the application, for all controls which do not have a custom style. A custom style is a style which may be unique to a single control, or a small number of controls which you want to have a different look.

Default styles are stored in your applications global Application object (in the FMX.Forms unit). Custom styles are stored an TStyleBook object(s) which can be added to your forms (although they are usually added by default when you use Delphi's style editor to edit a custom style for a control).

MonkeyRecolor can modify both default and custom styles, however custom styles can be more work. You should either stick with Delphi's default naming scheme or modify the Colors config file. Delphi's naming scheme is to use a style name which starts with the control class, minus the initial 'T' and follows with a number and a reference for the style, eg. Button7Style1.

See also MonkeyRecolor Integration and Using styles.