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MonkeyStyler can open multiple files at the same time. The set of currently open files will be maintained between sessions.

The File menu and the files section of the toolbar contains all the usual file management commands: New, Open, Save, Save As and Close.

A drop down on the toolbar shows the file currently being edited.

The Read Only item on the File menu is a toggle to make the current file read only or read/write. Making files read only is a convenient way to prevent accidental editing of files. Using File/Save As will clear the read only flag.

The Open From item on the File menu is a convenient way to open style files which are supplied by Embarcadero. It will show a list of installed Embarcadero products. Select one and it will show a file open dialog on the folder where that product stores it's style files.

The XE3 edition of MonkeyStyler also has an Open System Style item on the File menu. This loads one of the styles supplied by Embarcadero which are normally stored as resources in an application. Options load either the Windows 7, Windows 8, Lion or Lion HD styles.

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