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The Control Viewer shows a live preview of the element currently being edited.

Selecting Components

A selection rectangle is shown around the currently selected component (if the component is a visual one, i.e. not an effect or animation). The selection rectangle can be toggled on or off using the Show/hide selection button on the toolbar. Currently only a single component can be selected (you can't edit multiple components at once.

You can click on a component on the preview to select it. On most elements you will find a number of components overlapping in the same area. In that case, single clicking will select the deepest nested or last listed in the tree of components. To move to other elements, double click (not availaible on the XE2 edition), or right click and a list of all components under the mouse will be displayed for you to select from.

You can drag the selected component to change it's position, or drag the corner handles to resize it. But the exact behaviour will depend on the component's Align property setting.

Components Drop Down

Click the Components drop-down to show the tree of components within the element. You can select a component here to show it in the Property Editor. Also, each item has a check box. Click the check box to hide or show that component and it's children.

If the component is an effect, clicking the button activates or deactivates the effect. Since this is a live preview the effect will animate as it would in your application. I.e. if the effect is a TGlowEffect which takes a second to fade in then it will fade in over a second on the preview.

Similarly for animations, checking the box runs the animation and unchecking it turns it off. For animations which loop, the animation will run continuously once selected (until deselected).

Property Editor