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FireMonkey styles are stored in files which normally have a .style file type. Style files have a similar format to .dfm and .fmx form files, containing a tree of objects and their properties.

Like form files only properties which are changed from their defaults are streamed. This reduces the file sizes, but also makes hand editing (e.g. in a text editor) harder since you need to know what properties are available to be added, and performing something like a search/replace on a font name is not possible where the default font name has not been stored.

MonkeyStyler also saves a second file with the .mstyle file type. This is a copy of the .style file plus some meta-information which can't be stored in the .style file. When MonkeyStyle opens a style file it always looks for the .mstyle file and, if available, loads that in preference to the .style file. Thus changes made to the .style file outside of MonkeyStyler may not be reflected in MonkeyStyler.

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