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Unit: FMX.Styles
Parent: TFMXObject

TStyleDescription is an optional item which can be added to a style file to store meta-data about the file.

By default TStyleDescrition isn’t available in the tool palette. See Adding Components to the Tool Palette for a work-around.


The following string properties are free-form and can be used in any way, albeit that their use is somewhat obvious from their names: Author, AuthorEMail, AuthorURL, StyleName and Version.

MobilePlatform is a boolean which it true if the style is intended for a mobile OS. This does not appear to affect actual use of the style in any way.

PlatformTarget is a string property listing the operating systems on which the style can be used. The value should contain a list of targets, wrapped in square brackets. These are normally separated by commas though these aren’t strictly necessary. An example is,


The style will not load if the application is targeting (design time) or running on an inappropriate platform. I.e. if the style specifies MSWINDOWS then the attempting to load the style into an app running on iOS will fail with an exception. At design time the style editor will not allow you to Apply the style if the current platform is not specified. Indeed attempting to Apply a style from the editor to an inappropriate platform will result in the entire contents of the stylebook being deleted!

If this field is empty (or if there is no TStyleDescription, the style can be used anywhere. Possible values are:

[MSWINDOWS]Microsoft Windows.
[IOS]iOS on a device or the simulator.
[IOSALTERNATE]An iOS app running under Win32 for testing purposes.
[METROPOLISUI]An app running on Windows with Delphi’s Metropolis look.
[DEFINEFONTS]This does not appear to be used within the FireMonkey sources, so may be only be relevant at design time.

RetinaDisplay is a Boolean indicating that the style is intended for a hi-res Retina display. This appears to be for information purposes only and does not affect the way the style can be used.

Version: XE4


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