Further Reading - FireMonkey Guide

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Online Resources

  • The official Embarcadero DocWiki contains a complete language reference as well as full documentation of the FireMonkey and other libraries.
  • Delphi Basics is an independant reference to the Delphi language as well as the standard libraries.
  • delphi.about.com has been running for over ten years with weekly articles about Delphi and has covered many things in that time. Author ┼Żarko Gajic has now moved on to create his own blog which will, presumably, be carried on in the same vein.

Books and EBooks

Delphi Foundations by Chris Rolliston is a detailed guide to the Delphi langauge and libraries running to over 800 pages in printed form, or available as a set of three ebooks.
Marco Cantu has a number of books covering Delphi programming as well as handbooks describing new features in recent versions.

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