Adding Components to the Tool Palette - FireMonkey Guide

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By default some components used within styles are not installed to the tool palette and thus cannot be added to styles from within the editor.

To work around this,

  • Create a new package from within the IDE (File/New/Package - Delphi).
  • Add a new unit (File/New/Unit - Delphi).
  • Copy the text below into the unit
    unit RegisterClasses;

    uses FMX.StylesClasses;

    procedure Register;


    procedure Register

  • Hit F9 to run and save the unit and package with appropriate names (it will fail to run because it’s not an executable. That’s OK).
  • In the project inspector, right click the package and select Install. You may get a message about needing to add FireMonkey. If so, click Yes.

Version: XE4


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