MonkeyStylern Build 8 - XE3 support

MonkeyStyler Build 8 is now available and includes support for Delphi, C++ Builder and RAD Studio XE3 editions. The new edition comes with two executables, one for XE2 and the other for XE3.

New features include:
‘File/Read Only’ menu item to make files read only within MonkeyStyler. Useful when you are have a style file you are deriving styles from and don’t want to accidentally make changes. (Select the menu item again to turn off the read-only status.
‘File/Open From’ opens a style file from those distributed by Embarcadero (i.e. if does a File/Open with the appropriate directory location pre-loaded. This gives a quick way to open build in styles without trawling through the directory structure. Files are loaded as read-only.
‘File/Open System Style’ (XE3 edition only) opens any of the XE3/FM2 system styles (Win7, Win8, Lion or Lion2x). This gives a quick way to derive style elements from the built in styles. Styles are opened as read-only.

Full changelist
Added: Option to make files read only.
Added: File/Open From… menu item to load from Delphi etc built in files. (Files are opened as read only).
Fixed: PropEditorGrid: Issue with properties that don’t have editors not being editable including booleans.
Part-fixed: Slightly changed the way the Control Viewer works with animations to work better with TSubImage in XE3.
Added: Support for XE3 editions of Delphi, C++ Builder and RAD Studio.
Added (XE3): File/Open System Style menu option to load the Win7, Win8, Lion and Lion2x styles from resources.

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