MonkeyStyler Build 12: Component Palette

MonkeyStyler build 12 is now available. The main change is a new component palette, ver much like you’re used to in Delphi. Search (except in the XE2 edition), select and click on the components tree or control preview to add a new component. You can also use drag and drop.

Other improvements are drag and drop support in the components tree and a fix for a bug which caused errors at startup on computers where the regional settings for a decimal separator where not a period (.).

Full changelist
Added: Component palette with search and highlighting of search terms.
(Note search is unavailable in XE2 due to treeview issues.
Added: Select component on Palette and click on Component Tree of Viewer to add it.
Fixed: Editing StyleName property caused editor to lose focus.
Fixed: Work around for effects not updating in Control Viewer (QC 110506).
Added: Drag/drop support to the components tree.
Fixed: Errors at start up if decimal separator was a comma in users regional settings.

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