MonkeyStyler Build 10

MonkeyStyler Builds 9 and 10 have been released.

Build 9 brings a big update to the Control Viewer to add a selection rectangle for the currently selected component. Components can be selected by clicking (select topmost), double clicking (select next component down (XE3 edition only)) or right clicking to show a full list of components under the mouse cursor. The selected component can also be dragged and resized (depending on Align property settings).

The Control Viewer should also handle sizing of elements which aren’t constrained within the bounds of the root component. This can be an issue with styles supplied with TMS components.

Build 10 is a quick update to some AVs which may have been experienced with unnamed (new) files. It also adds auto-resizing of the combo boxes on the toolbar (blog post coming soon).


Full changelists

5/11/12 - 10
Fixed: Errors when using untitled or read only files.
Added: Combo boxes on toolbar resize to their contents.

3/11/12 - 9
Fixed: Unregistered version not showing icon on taskbar.
Fixed: Control Viewer now sizes appropriately when sub-components are outside the bounds of the element.
Fixed: File open dialog remember a previous folder incorrectly.
Added: Control Viewer size reflects margins, padding and controls outside the root components client area.
Added: Show selection rectangles for current component.
Added: Drag selection to move/resize components.
Added: Click on Control Viewer to select item under mouse/Double click to select parent component.
Added: Control Viewer has right-click menu which shows all components under the pointer to select from.

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