Announcing MonkeyRecolor

If you’ve been playing with the FireMonkey styles included with Delphi XE2 you’ve probably noticed a certain ‘sameness’ to them. Grey styles created to match the operating systems built in ones, and dark styles with brightly colored buttons. Not a lot of variety then.

MonkeyRecolor is my answer to this. It is a simple product which enables you to take any FireMonkey style and radically changes it’s color scheme just by tweaking a few controls and clicking a single button. MonkeyRecolor can create serious business styles, either light or dark, or it can create bright and colorful styles which can really make your software ‘pop’.

You get a set of controls for adjusting the colors of six different elements of a scheme, from backgrounds to highlights and selections to glow effects. Hues for secondary colors can be based on the background hue, in which case MonkeyRecolor pretty much guarantees a scheme which adheres to the rules of color theory, or you can go off piste and set any colors your heart desires.

Subtle variations in the original schemes colors are respected and retained. For instance the subtle change of hue across a button face will be retained, albeit with a different base hue. This applies to all colors within the style. It also applies to the colors used by animations and effects.

MonkeyRecolor is supplied as a form which you can attach to a Delphi or C++Builder project. Set a couple of properties and create a link from a menu item or button and you are ready to go. You can (and should) remove the links when you are ready to redistribute your software. The download also includes a pre-built application which can be used to load, edit and save default styles.

‘Schemes’ are settings for MonkeyRecolor. These can be saved a re-loaded so you can save data between sessions or to tweak later.

The application of color changes is controlled by a config file. The ‘language’ used by the file can be used to specify almost any component or group of components and can thus be used to modify how a scheme is applied to styles.

MonkeyRecolor is a free application supplied with full source code.

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