About Me

I first discovered computers as a ten year old when my father bought a Sinclair ZX80 for us children. This later became a ZX81, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC464. As a teenager I learnt to program BASIC, Z80 assembler and Pascal. I always loved 'hacking' in the original, legal, sense of the word and would reverse engineer games to create 'infinite lives' pokes and developed a way to output intelligible error messages from the Pascal compiler I was using instead of the error codes it normally used.

When I upgraded to a PC it was natural to move up to Turbo Pascal, then Borland Pascal and onto Delphi. In the late nineties I achieved my dream of releasing a shareware application, written in Delphi of course. Over the next couple of years I wrote two more applications the most successful was an offline browser called WebStripper which was downloaded over a million times.

In the late 2000s I moved away from desktop software to web apps after learning a little Lisp and a lot of Ruby. My current web apps include a gardening website called plantality.com.

With the release of Delphi XE2 and FireMonkey I dived headlong back into the Delphi world again. I loved the styling system and created a stand alone FireMonkey Styles editor called MonkeyStyler. I also started blogging about FireMonkey, in particular doing deep dives into obscure areas of the technology. I can be found hanging out on the Embarcadero FireMonkey forum and following the [FireMonkey] tag on Stack Overflow.

My latest Delphi related project is the FireMonkey Guide where I am creating an online reference/tutorial for FireMonkey. My aim here is to cover the key areas of the technology for both new and experienced users, especially those moving across from the VCL.

My 'day job' is running a plant nursery/garden centre which I recently took over full time from my parents.

In my spare time I like to go on long walks and play with my two highly energetic Bengal cats.