Posts from August 2012

An XE2/FireMonkey Showcase

It’s now almost exactly twelve months since XE2 was released and with XE3 just around the corner it seems like a good time to look back on what people have achieved with the first generation of FireMonkey. Here are a selection of videos from around the internet mostly of commercial products developed in FireMonkey.

If you are developing something yourself or know of a product or demonstration I have missed please let me know. If there’s an interesting video available I’ll add it to a future post.

Crossroad task manager
A task manager, shown here running on a Mac. Sadly I can’t find a link to any kind of product page.

An SVG demo
A demonstration of the TSVG component from Apesuite for adding more advanced vector graphics than the built in TPath can manage. No video for this one, but you can follow the link to download the executable.

A pre-alpha version of an innovative piece of animation software with live editing of the animations. This was inspired by the classic video by Bret Victor (at about 30 minutes in) (BTW if you’re a programmer and you haven’t watched that video all the way through, you really need to).

The author writes that it only took about seven hours work to get to this stage, with most of that time spent on data formats etc. Again no link to a product page.

Multitrack Studio
This is music sequencing software which the author(s) converted to run on the Mac using FireMonkey. The video is a demonstration of the Mac OS X version. Product page


A retail POS system written in FireMonkey. Sadly the video doesn’t showcase FireMonkey as much as I’d like. Product page


I’m not sure if this is a separate product or just a rebranding of Crossroads described above. Either way, here it is being demonstrated on an iPad. [url=]Product page


From the same author as 2RemindMe, this is an iPad app for analysing iTunes sales info. Product page


Video for TListBox with in place edit

I just added a video for my recent post about a list box with in place editing.