Posts from June 2012

MonkeyStyler Build 6 Beta

This update fixes a major startup issue with build 5.

Starting with an empty file list would cause an AV. (Or indeed, emptying the file list at any time).

This combined with the new setting data format, which meant that every user would be starting with an empty file file.

I can only apologise for not testing well enough.

Also in this update you get a draft implementation of the ‘live’ version of the apply styles feature. If you’re running the beta, have a play with it - it’s fun - even though there’s still some issues to be worked out. Go here to read more about ‘apply styles’.

MonkeyStyler Build 5 Beta

Lots of miscellaneous improvements with this edition, including a major re-arrange of the interface with the addition of a main toolbar and extra main menu items for elements and components.

Full changelist

Fixed: Property values not being cropped to significant digits figure from Config file.
Fixed issues with config.txt and objects which where sub-properties.
Added: Editors for TGradient sub-properties.
Added: TAutoEditor (auto-generated property editor for multiple properties).
Fix: Clicking property name (or expand/contract icon) in property grid no longer shows property editor.
Fix: Components drop down in Control Preview would ignore clicks on the drop down arrow.
Fix: stack overflow editing colours via the ColorEditor.
Fix: RGBEditor values update when checking/unchecking Hex setting.
Fix: Remove from comonent selector classes which don’t descent from TFMXObject (and where causing AVs).
Improved: Moved button bar for components to above the components drop-down.
Improved: Components can now be selected via the Control Preview drop-down.
Added: global settings data.
Rewrite: Storage for open files metadata and save format (open files from previous builds will be forgotten).
Added: Currently open file is remembered between sessions.
Improved: Property editors are now demand loaded with great speed increases when adding new cells to the property edit grid (including selecting elements). Some performance impact when showing an editor for the first time.
Fix: AV when ‘Apply Styles’ in MS due to Stylebook property of child forms not being cleared.
Added main toolbar for files, elements and apply styles.
Added main menus for elements and components.
Restyling of toolbars/various styling tidy ups.